lament for asinara

Lament for Asinara

The project has been created at the invitation of Maurizio Coccia and Roberto Follessa, curators of the “Contemporary festival di arte e avanguardia” in Sardinia (Donori CA).

“Lament for Asinara” is a project about the collective history of Sardinia and Austro-Hungary during the First World War. In 1915, some 50 000 prisoners of war left Serbian territory on foot, of whom the remaining 24 000 eventually embarked for the prisoner of war camp on the island of Asinara. Most of the prisoners died in miserable conditions from cholera to cannibalism.

The recordings were made locally on the island of Asinara with a zoom microphone. Sounds of farm machinery, sheet metal, strings, boat engines etc. In the concert I worked with self-made noise instruments.

The lamentation is a World War I sound recording from Hungary that I used in reverse.

I presented the first part of the album in concert on 19 August 2021 in Donori, Sardinia.

The second track is a studio version based on the original zoom footage. The piano theme of the piece was played by Éva Polgár.

!The recording exists only in digital version!

I took the original lamentations to the island of Asinara ( wireless speaker ) and buried them in the ground behind the ossuary there. The song played for another 12 hours from underground.

Special thanks:

Nea Lindgrén, Éva Polgár, Júlia Heéger, Maurizio Coccia, Roberto Follessa, Alberta Follessa, Davide Mariani, Mersia Carboni.




Oh, my love, my faithful companion, you are gone, the damn war has swallowed you!  Oh, it’s been fifteen years since I’m an orphan! I have no one but the road that leads nowhere. Come home and gather your children, because they are spread all-over: sometimes they meet once a month, other times they don’t even do so! Oh, my love, where is your grave? Oh, where is your sorrowful tomb? I can never even visit your headstone. Oh, the black soil swallowed you in foreign lands! Oh, that black soil covered you abroad! Oh, how much I thought about you, how much I waited for you, and I’m still waiting for you to this day, but you won’t come home from anywhere. My love, my faithful companion; I cannot ever forget you! Your children are sad, come home once again! My love, my angel who was guarding my sleep and was even listening to my sigh! Oh my love, oh my sad love, you returned to the war full of sorrow after your time off, since you knew you would never come home again. How you took farewell from your children and how you took me with you on the road for a while, and you left me at a point after which I was not allowed to accompany you any further. Oh, my love, my sad love! Oh, come back home and comfort my heart because it is so sore! Oh, my love, oh, how much I think of you and how much I see you in my dreams, and how happy I was! In the morning when I woke up my heart was broken because you weren’t by my side. Oh, that damn war took your life in a second, my dear beloved, sad companion! Oh where should I go, where do I find you, I have been looking for you for fifteen years, but I didn’t find you anywhere. How much did I go everywhere but you weren’t anywhere!