films / installations


Young Dionysos Part I-IV.  2014-2019  120 min.

Documentation and installation of a four-day concert series based in part on Nietzsche’s The birth of tragedy.

Dancer: Salla-Maria Santos, Loops:Sunny Seppä, Piano: Sándor Vály, Camera: Nea Lindgrén and Sándor Vály


Act I-III.   2014  15:00 min.  (Video installation)

Three action paintig documentaries that are part of the Young Dionysos project. Impressions of a couple making love with red paint on a large canvas.


Cello Suites  2019  18:00 min  (Video installation)

Cello Suites is an experimental musical experiment that is part of the Young Dionysos project.


Retrospective / Selected Works,  2020 4:30  (Video installation)

Protest against overproduction and repetition.

I burned forty of my paintings and put their ashes in urns.  On the urns, I marked the names of the paintings, their dates of birth and destruction.

Since the recipient can no longer see the painting, he can only rely on the title of the painting on the urn – through which he can construct, according to his own intellect, an alternative to the original painting, using his imagination. Thus, although the painting has been destroyed, a new image can be created in itself by each recipient. In effect, the destroyed painting can be replaced by as many images as there are people who have seen the urns.


Sacred Songs Part I-III, ( audiovisual installation) 2018-2019 59 min.

My work was conceived during contemplation at church when I noticed the space formed by the lack of dance, when every single art form is present in churches from painting, to sculpture, to music, to architecture, from the stained glass windows to the joinery. The church is an internal image of the human world reflected outwards by the soul. A vision in form! All this was created by artists in order to communicate with God. Art is communication, alliance, the deepest primordial expressive force of the human soul. But how could dance be overlooked?

This is the issue and the gap that the Sacred Songs work addresses.  The absence of dance that has grown into a complex audiovisual work, the ultimate aim of which was to reintegrate dance into sacred spaces, to which I wanted to give a poetic yet provocative language.

Cast: Júlia Heéger, Tiina Sysimusta, Anna Erika Kivinen


Spanish Street Project  I-V. 2003-2014  ( Video installation) 33:00 min

Documentation of street art works, painting improvisations from the Malaga area and works from my pilgrimage on El Camino (Santiago de Compostela).


Sound Diary Part I. 63:00 min ( Audio-visual installation)

The installation is part of the Spanish Street Project. Between 2003 and 2014 I made seven pilgrimages to Spain and Portugal. On these trips I worked with a Zoom M1 360 degree microphone. Sound Diary Part I. Sound experiments, impression-sound snippets, sound and film documentation of my work with different materials found during my travels.


In Memorian for Space, 2009 120 min (Camino film)

Documentary film about the El Camino pilgrimage route.


Die Toteninsel, 2014  55:00 min  (AV installation)

Music by Éva Polgár and Sándor Vály                                                                   

Libretto by Karl Georg Zwerenz

Die Toteninsel is a fictional reconstruction of a lost score for the music of Jenő Zádor (1894-1977), based on a libretto by the German poet Karl Geor Zwerenz (1874-1933). The theme of the libretto for Die Toteninsel (1919) is based on a painting of the same title by the Swiss painter Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901), which, in keeping with the style of the time, culminates in a romantic triangle drama.  The music for Die Toteninsel was composed by the Hungarian-born Jenő Zádor, who emigrated to the United States at the beginning of the Second World War. The piece was performed once in 1927 at the Royal Hungarian Opera House and then fell into oblivion. The score of the piece has been lost, so we do not know how it was originally scored.

Cast: Juha Valkeapää, Nea Lindgrén, Éva Polgár, Miakel Jurmu, J.K. Ihalainen, Mikael Jurmu, Tuukka Tammisaari, Zoltán Márkus


Selection from an artist’s Life

A selection of my short films made between 1999 and 2019.

The title of the work is not a reference to self-mythology, but to the creative and economic situation of the 90s, which created an absurd atmosphere for many artists – a moment when I woke up in the morning and saw that I only had one tube of green paint left, I should do something with it. I painted a green painting that day and then finished my year of painting. I had to look for other media if I didn’t want to sit idly by and watch what was happening.

I had a first generation video camera and some blank video cassettes. I started experimenting with these for my own entertainment.

The first films were looped movement experiments that documented the stages of a creative process and showed the comic madness of creation through the loop.

Since my technical equipment was very primitive, I resorted to solutions that were more akin to craftsmanship than to digital techniques. I later consciously kept this “technique” even when I had the opportunity to solve technical problems more easily.

The characters in my films transcend personal self-mythology by touching the eternal creator who narrates the act, the background to the process of creation, that which often remains invisible to the audience.

Cast: Juha Valkeapää, Nea Lindgrén, Kaja Kann, Sándor Vály

Selection from an artist’s Life

Le siége de l’air I. 2:09 min

The artist and Death I – 4:14 min

Epilog – 3:33

Dadatalk- 2:42 min

The birth of woman- 2:33 min

Selfpaint – 2:10 min

Dadawork – 3:28

The critics – 1:43 min

Le siége de l’air II.

The point –  3:12 min

Blind painting – 2:51 min

L’art pour l’art – 2:52 min

L’idée – 2:41 min

The artist and Death II. – 4:01 min

Duo – 4:13 min


10 second Loop films 

Le magicien

Dada ballet

La boite

La peinture No.1

La peinture No.2

Chair de réve No.1

Chair de réve No.2

Chair de réve No.3

Dadawork No.1

Danse macabre No.1



La mort á venise No.1

La mort á venise No.2

La mort á venise No.3

L’ile morts No.1

L’ile morts No.2

L’ile morts No.3


Peinture aveugle


Death in Venice, 2013 67:14 min

Dadaist film about the relationship between the artist and death and its consequences.


Milky Way and Nervous System,  2020  50 min. (Audiovisual installation)

Music by Éva Polgár and Sándor Vály,  Film by Sándor Vály

Milky Way

The background of the birth of “Milky Way” is based on a purely elemental and emotional experience, an experience born from the sight of the Milky Way, which, stretching above humanity, connects peoples, history, cultures, families, friends and lovers. It connects humanity, past, present and future. We look at the same sky as our ancestors and the same sky our grandchildren will look at when we are gone. The Milky Way is the collective anthology of humanity.

Nervous system

The human nervous system is a project based on visual and associative experience that has evoked in us roots, fibres, pathways. In contrast to the Milky Way, we were confronted with a more recognisable, symmetrical system. In this work, it is this symmetry that interested us, how it appears in music and film.


Bruegel Variations, document film  2008  45:00 min

Installation and AV concert documentary ( Éva Polgár and Sándor Vály)

Transposition of Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s paintings into scores and music.


Mondrian Variations, 2012 54:00 min

Installation and AV concert documentation ( Éva Polgár and Sándor Vály)

Transposition of Piet Mondrian’s paintings into scores and music


Cello Drawing I-IV. 2017-2021 25:00 min

The cello graphics are experimental work. The work deals with the problem of control, which explores the tension between two different creative processes at the same time.


Sound test

Experimental films – intersections, relationships, interactions between sound and moving image. Exploring the interplay between sound and film, from mathematical systems to Dadaism.

SoundTest I-IV  2019  5. min. x 5

Vinyl 04:00 2019

Fly Recording I-II 10:40 min 2019

Glass Work 2021 11:20

Karawane 2018 02:40

Music for 10 italian police cars and eight cellos 2020 05:40

Butterfly (Kaspar) 2021  05:00

DrumTest I 2018 03:30

DrumTest II 2018 07:20

SoundTest 2018 05:30

Suites, 2017 02:00

String Quartet, 2021 02:50

String Quartet (Dervish) 2021 10:20


Der tod und das Mädchen  2004 5:00 min

Video installation.

Silent film based on the piece of the same title by Franz Schubert.

Cast: Helena Liski, Juha Valkeapää


Lament for Asinara  2021  21:00min

Concert and documentary on the history of the island of Asinara in Sardinia.

“Lament for Asinara” is a project about the collective history of Sardinia and Austro-Hungary during the First World War. In 1915, some 50 000 prisoners of war left Serbian territory on foot, of whom the remaining 24 000 eventually embarked for the prisoner of war camp on the island of Asinara. Most of the prisoners died in miserable conditions from cholera to cannibalism.


Lament (Asinara) documentary film 4:00 min

This film is part of my work Lament for Asinara.

I wrote a Hungarian lament from the First World War on a memory card and put it into a wireless speaker. I took the speaker to the island of Asinara and buried it behind the back of the ossario. The lamentations played for two days from underground.

Love Song ( Donori) document film. 2021 2:40 min

In 2021 I was invited to the “Contemporary Festival di Arte e Avanguardia”, festival (Sardegna, Donori, Italy) I asked a local resident, Salvatore, to sing a love song in Sardinian. After recording, I saved the song and the documentation on a memory card and then inserted it into a wireless speaker. The speaker was buried in a vineyard on the outskirts of Donori where the song was played from underground for two days.


B-45  (Berlin 1945)  2010 15:00 min.

The story has a real background.  At the same time as the Soviet army arrived in Berlin, orders were issued to collect the artefacts.  Strikingly, the soldiers did not collect the works of the great masters at first, but nude paintings. The film depicts a fictional scene when a Soviet soldier first encounters Titian’s Venus de Tiziano. The soldier overturns the view of art that European culture had hitherto held and places it back in a world perceived from a very different cultural perspective, where Venus ( art) is restored to her original role.

Actor: Juha Valkeapää


My personal message to the Universe, 2002 25 min (Dwi Setianto – Sándor Vály)

In 1972, NASA sent a message into space. (Pioneer-10.) It was the first physical message to be engraved on a gold-plated aluminium plate.  The contents of the plaque were described in the language of science, with information that could obviously be a sign of homo sapiens intelligence, but at the same time said nothing about what it is like to be human.  The idea for the performance was to correct this message from Nasa and to express it in the language of art. What does it feel like to be human? How do we understand ourselves?


The birth of tragedy, 2004 26:34 min (Juha Valkeapää – Sándor Vály)

Documentary about a performance at the Kastellaanimaja Gallery in Tallinn, based on Nietzsche’s The birth of tragedy


Unbearable Lightness of Destiny,  2005  22:03 min  (Juha Valkeapää – Sándor Vály)

Documentary about a performance at the Hungarian House of Science in Helsinki, dealing with the conflict between man and destiny.


One Hundred Thousand Years of Solitude, 2009 30 min (Juha Valkeapää – Sándor Vály)

Documentary about the performance at the Hungarian House of Science in Helsinki, which dealt with the critique of culture and Christian mythology.


The Birth of Art 2003 10:04min (Dwi Setianto – Sándor Vály)

Documentary about a performance at the Lönström Art Museum, based on Vilmos Zolnay’s theory of art and presenting an alternative to the birth of art.


Dilemma I-II 2020 04:31 min 07:14 min (Nea Lindgén – Sándor Vály)

The dilemma is a critique of a social and power system, starting from the basic situation of a couple.


After stroke, 2022  5:30 min

Computer and mathematical linguist Marcus Kraht plays the violin again for the first time in four years after a stroke, with the help of his daughter.


Vita-Morte (italia – sicilia) 2002  30:00 min  (Video installation)

A documentary about the dead in the cemetery of Taormina, Sicily, inviting the viewer to meditate.


Memory Works / Five Improvisations / Juha Valkeapää  2005 40:40 min

Documentary on the work of sound artist Juha Valkeapää


Dutch Futurismo   Audiovisual project to celebrate the 100th birthday of Dadaism.

Cast: Éva Polgár, Nea Lindgrén, Mikael Jurmu, Sándor Vály


Ihalainen -Vály

An audiovisual project by poet J.K.Ihalainen and Sándor Vály. 1992-2020

The performances functioned as performative AV concerts, with countless video works, some of which have been lost.

Videos, 1992-2020

Ei Tuo Punainen, 6:30 min

Herran rukous,  06:30

Ihosi alla, 6:42

Istuvat ei tanssi, 6:50

Kohtuttomuusteoria, 5:10

Muistinmenetys, 7:20

Herran rukous, 6:30

Ostoksilla, 5:50

Papukaija, 2:50

Talivaara, 3:30

Vihreä tee, 3:10

Varkaita, 8:40

Eri-pari Ihmiset 07:02 min.

Tanssi 02:42 min.

Pietari Suuri I 7:48 min

Pietari Suuri II 4:18 min


Experimental films 2001-2022


Cosmic Daybook I-VII. 2001 30:00 min

Amore / Mare, 2002 04:17 min

Arte Povera-Italian Graffiti, 2002 25 min

Mandala, 2002 02:43 min

Buddha / Dance, 2002 03:47 min

Epiloge, 2002 02:32 min

Portre, 2002 05:20 min

Taormina / in memorian Csontváry, 2002 07 min

Technobeach, 2002 03:22 min

Gilgamesh (animatio), 2002 18:00 min

Talazüek, 2002 02:24 min

Ritual, 2003 08:34 min

Cosmic Daybook (document), 2003 120 min.

Pain, 2003 05:12 min

Dance Macabre, 2004 08:10 min

Vita-Morte, 2004 13:14 min

Life-Death, 2004 05:11 min

GlassBallet, 2005 08:11 min

Näkymätön pilari / Raimo Lang., 2005 60 min

Virgo Dei, 2017 08:27 min.

Jargon – Juha Valkeapää performance, 2011 9 min

French Films / Convict (videoklippi) 201202:44

Prelude, 2020  Film: 07:13 min

Hair Painting, 2020 Film: 02:55 min

Titi, 2022 54 min